Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why I've decided to start with writing for InfoBarrel.

I've done a lot of research on which revenue sharing, article submission site (or sites) I should publish my articles on.  There are quite a few to choose from, and lots of points to consider with each site, but I've narrowed it down to InfoBarrel (for right now, at least).  

I think InfoBarrel is a great place  to start for a number of reasons...

1:  They're transparent about the payment system (something about which other websites, such as eHow, kept writers in the dark): You get 75% of the Google Adsense revenue generated by your article, which is more generous than most of their competitors (even super-popular Hubpages gives you only 50%)

2:  They offer a number of ways to monetize your articles: Chitika, Amazon Associates, and of course, Google Adsense.

3:  They are growing rapidly and gaining on established favorites like HubPages.

4:  They're committed to keeping spam and "black hat" SEO's from putting up crappy content to manipulate search engines.  They're upfront about it. When I went to their website and began exploring a bit, I noticed I didn't see a bunch of spammy articles with poor "bot-centric" grammar for truly good content to get lost in, and while the the layout has plenty of ad space, it's not too cluttered.
      NOTE:  You may think that all these measures will limit your profits, but I don't for two reasons: 
      1:  A lot of successful "SEO gurus" suggest concentrating on writing for people more than SEO to actually maximize profits (think: fewer but more interested visitors vs. lots of disinterested ones)
      2:  Adherence to these principles will keep InfoBarrel (thus, your articles) in good standing with Google and other search engines who dislike black hat SEO tricks.  And what's more, while it may sound corny, I don't want to waste my time writing just for search engines; I want to provide valuable information, tips, and ideas that will help people, or at least entertain them while making some extra cash, so that everybody wins. 

    5:  The community is really nice. While I'm just beginning at this, I've had time to browse the forums and read the comments on articles, and it's nothing like the "rate and comment me and I'll do the same" stuff that dominated eHow, for example. It's an actual community of writers and readers having a conversation and helping each other out.

    I think these things are good signs about the potential and future of this website, so while I'd like to diversify the websites I write articles for eventually (maybe to include HubPages and Squidoo), for now I'm going to focus on getting some content up on InfoBarrel.

    A couple other things worth noting:  I've also seen quite a few people suggesting that now is a good time to sign up and begin writing for InfoBarrel because there are more possible article titles than at similar sites, because fewer of them have already been used (which could be a big plus if you're trying to get a specific keyword in your article title.)

    Additionally, there is talk that as InfoBarrel's popularity rises with time (which, I think it's safe to say it will), the page rank (thus, profitability) of your submitted article collection will go up.

    If you want to do some digging and compare websites yourself I suggest checking out The Smart Passive Income Blog's post, where Pat analyzes InfoBarrel and its main competitors, which helped me a lot, and The Freelance Home Writer's review of infobarrel and the other similar websites she's also reviewed on her blog.

    If you want to read about my experience applying for and setting up Chitika, Google Adsense, and the Amazon Associates program on my InfoBarrel account then check this post.

    ----For the sake of transparency, I would like to mention that the links I've provided to InfoBarrel and Chitika in this post are my referral links, for which I receive commission.  It helps me out at no cost to you, though, so I certainly appreciate if you use them to sign up!  
    Additionally, remember to use your referral links should you create an account with either of these sites and begin referring people there, so you can benefit from spreading the word too.  :)

    I'd love to hear what you think, so please, feel free to comment below!


    1. If you are ever interested, I created a chart that deconstructs the offerings of many revenue sharing sites. You can find it by Google'ing something like "infobarrel chart"....

    2. Thanks! I did that, but can't seem to find your chart. If you can post the link here in the comments, I'd be glad to put it in the post as a resource!